Former Red Bull Driver Daniil Kvyat Joins Ferrari


Today we have been hit the breaking news that former Red Bull Racing and Former Scuderia Toro Rosso driver Daniil kvyat has joined Scuderia Ferrari as their development driver. The news certainly to me anyways comes as a shock as it looked as though Kvyat was completely out of Formula 1 after being sacked/dropped from the Red Bull driver programme but has seemingly pulled some strings to get his foot in the door at Ferrari. Another reason this comes as a surprise is because of the Russian’s checkered past with current Ferrari No.1 Sebastian Vettel who it is safe to say in the past has not exactly approved of the Kvyat’s racing.

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But im sure when it came to a role such as this which Kvyat has stepped into, Sebastian Vettel must have had some kind of say considering how Ferrari treat him exactly how Vettel’s great hero Michael Schumacher was treated for the 10 years he was at the team. The one hope i do have is that this at least a sign that Daniil will return to Formula 1 as in my opinion he clearly deserves considering he beat Daniel Ricciardo in the 2015 World Championship when they were both team mates at Red Bull; If Daniil does get another chance i sure do hope he isn’t treated as callously as Helmut Marko treated him as when the Russian is on form he is a very quick driver who shouldn’t be under estimated.

If You Want To See The Video Version Of My Opinion Then Check Out The Video Version Right Here


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