Top 10 Formula 1 Drivers of all time: No 9 & No 10 – Alonso & Vettel

In today’s blog I will be illustrating why I think Mclaren Renault driver Fernando Alonso and Scuderia Ferrari driver, Sebastian Vettel, are in my top 10 greatest Formula One drivers of all time.

When it comes to Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, for me he absolutely deserves to be in the top 10. Why? Because in my opinion if you win four F1 world titles, there is no way you can’t make the list and has clearly proven with his time at Ferrari so far that he is a great driver that does not need a clearly superior or dominant car compared to his rivals.

When it comes to Fernando Alonso the reason I rank him higher than Vettel is because Alonso has never had the quality of car that Vettel has had in his career and Alonso has made a lot less mistakes than Vettel.

But when it comes to why Alonso makes the top 10 its kinda also why I rank him higher than Vettel; He has consistently provided incredible performances/results in cars that did not deserve to finish in the positions he put those sometimes rubbish cars into and also considering he already has two F1 world titles, he just has to make the top 10.

WATCH. The Action here

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