F1 2018 – Why Mercedes Driver Valtteri Bottas Has His Most Important F1 Season Ahead

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In today’s blog i will be analysing why i believe Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas is now entering the most important F1 season of his F1 career in 2018.

The reason i believe 2018 is so important for Bottas is because of the poor performances he put in during the back end of the 2017 Formula One season namely the races in Malaysia and Austin being his worst and given the obvious competition for the coveted Mercedes drive, he has serious work to do this year. In my opinion in 2018 Bottas must win more races especially considering he is driving for the most successful team in Formula 1 at the moment and to better aid what needs to be a year where he not only challenges World Champion Mercedes superstar Lewis Hamilton in the championship, but also challenges for the Drivers World Championship itself.

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Bottas for me has to do this as if he does not manage to achieve this there are two very possible candidates to replace the Finn at the Silver Arrows, those two drivers being Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo and Force India driver Esteban Ocon. Now with Ricciardo for me he is less likely to join Mercedes than Ocon as for me he just doesn’t suit that team, but Ocon has a massive advantage with him being a Mercedes young driver who is already impressing many throughout F1. For me though when it comes to snatching up the Mercedes drive, Esteban Ocon must first at least get a podium and must also finish ahead of Force India team mate Sergio Perez.

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If Ocon can do that then that should be enough for him to secure the Mercedes drive, But all in all it is down to what Valtteri Bottas can muster up in 2018. If he performs like he needs to he will deservedly keep that seat, If he does not perform however he will be dropped quickly in what is a very harsh business.


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