F1 2018 Classic Race Review – 2003 British Grand Prix


In today’s blog we are reviewing the classic and at times insane 2003 British Grand Prix in Silverstone,England. When race got underway it was the Renault driver of Jarno Trulli and Mclaren Mercedes driver Kimi Raikkonen who would jump pole position man Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello going into copse corner but as the first set of laps were completed, Barrichello started to fight back against the front two as he passed Mclaren driver Kimi Raikkonen in the early laps. but as the race continued the Safety Car was soon suddenly brought out due to one of the craziest reasons in Formula 1 history as a spectator/protestor managed to break onto the hangar straight as the screaming V10 powered F1 cars drove down the hangar straight. Thankfully though one of the many brilliant British marshalls managed to aprehend the protestor but it would force a lot of the top teams and drivers to pit and change their pit strategies.

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And then the incredible overtakes began as first Kimi Raikkonen sprinted past both Renault driver Jarno Trulli and very quickly after that he overtook his Mclaren Mercedes team mate David Coulthard and passed the Toyota of Olivier Panis completing an amazing three overtakes in just one lap. Scuderia Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello was another driver also flying through the field as he soon passed Williams BMW Driver Ralf Schumacher and Renault driver Jarno Trulli as he was hunting down Mclaren driver Kimi Raikkonen for the race victory and would eventually complete that mission as he brilliantly passed Raikkonen going into bridge corner. But the battling through the field would not be over as Barrichello’s Ferrari team mate Michael Schumacher was also making his way through the field and eventually got up to and finished in 4th after getting past Jarno Trulli whose pace had completely fallen away which soon allowed Mclaren driver David Coulthard to pass him also.


But it would be Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello who would go on to win a frantic 2003 British Grand Prix at Silverstone from Williams BMW driver Juan Pablo Montoya who passed Mclaren Mercedes driver Kimi Raikkonen in the late laps because of a Raikkonen mistake meaning that Montoya would take 2nd with Mclaren driver Kimi Raikkonen taking the last place on the podium. For sure this race will be remembered for its high volume of overtaking and for an idiot with a message who thought it was a good idea to run on the race track with F1 cars flying towards you.

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