F1 2018 Top 10 Drivers Of All Time Part 3 – No.5 & No.6 – Jim Clark & Lewis Hamilton

M141637-941x529 (2)

In today’s blog i will analyse why in my opinion ex-Lotus Ford driver Jim Clark and ex-Mclaren Mercedes and current Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton make my top 10 greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time. For Scottish driver Jim Clark the reasoning behind him being 5th in my top 10 is clear because of the dominant style in which Clark won his 2 F1 world drivers championships and by how just how naturally gifted and quick the Lotus driving Scot was at the peak of his Formula 1 career. But sadly i could not place him higher due to his fatal accident at the 1968 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim which has still to this day left a sense of what could have been for Jim Clark as considering the enormous talent he possessed, Future F1 world championships looked to be certain for Jim Clark and Lotus with Colin Chapman.


As for ex-Mclaren Mercedes and current Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton he just had to make this list due to the fact that he is currently a four times world champion and still has time to win even more Championships before his career is over. But another big reason for Hamilton making the list is the other fact that Lewis Hamilton has the most amount of pole positions in the history of Formula 1 over ex-Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher and with a record like that, You just cannot deny his quality and speed that earns him his place in my top 10. But the reason British driver Lewis Hamilton does not break into the top 5 of my list is because i believe he underachieved whilst he was at his boyhood team Mclaren especially during the years of 2010 and 2012 and also considering F1 rival Fernando Alonso got closer during those years to winning a championship than Hamilton in more inferior cars to Lewis Hamilton and another reason being that i believe Hamilton’s title win at the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo was lucky with the gift of a slowing Toyota driver Timo Glock giving up his position to Hamilton on the last corner of the last lap of the 2008 Formula 1 season. But there is no doubt Lewis Hamilton absolutely deserves to be in this top 10 due to the immense talent he possesses with the great performances he has produced along the way.


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