F1 2018 – What Has Liberty Media Done So Far And What Can They Do In The Future For F1


In today’s blog I will analyse Liberty Media’s impact on Formula 1 so far and their possible impact in the future of Formula 1 over the next few years. One thing that Liberty Media has absolutely improved in Formula 1 already is the social media interaction between Formula 1 itself, Formula 1/Racing fans and Formula 1 Drivers such as Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo and his Red Bull team mate Max Verstappen and has continuously improved this throughout 2017 and will hopefully expand on this in the 2018 F1 season. But as ever with the good comes the bad as well with one idea that Liberty Media put into action being the ‘driver introductions’ absolutely falling flat on its face when they used this idea at the 2017 United States Grand Prix in Austin,Texas and it does concern me that Liberty Media maybe trying to fully ‘Amercanise’ Formula 1 which commercially has its benefits but also has plenty of flaws especially considering Formula 1 at its core is a European sport.


But when it comes to the future years ahead of Formula One, there are things that Liberty Media just has to address which their predecessor Bernie Ecclestone refused to do so. The two main topics that need addressing is the current front wing aerodynamics on Formula 1 cars which is currently preventing drivers being able to follow each other through corners to pull off stunning overtakes to excite us F1 fans and they must address the cost cap issue which is plaguing the competitive nature of Formula 1 from a sporting side. If they can introduce some sort of cost cap situation then there is no reason why smaller teams such as Force India or Haas couldn’t win races but the longer the current prize money structure continues then the longer that unfortunately won’t happen. If Liberty Media makes these improvements and addresses the current issues with Formula 1 whilst improving the Social Media side of Formula 1 then there is no reason why Formula 1 can’t return to its glory days once again, lets sincerely hope this occurs.



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