F1 2018 Breaking News – Mclaren Driver Fernando Alonso To Race For Toyota At The Le Mans 24 Hours In 2018


In today’s blog I analyse the shock news that Mclaren Renault driver Fernando Alonso will race at the 2018 24 hour Le Mans race for Toyota and do the majority of the 2018 World Endurance Championship season for Toyota alongside his Formula 1 commitments with Mclaren for 2018. I have to say that this news is surprising as honestly i believe that Alonso take on such a challenge once he called it quits in Formula 1 in the not too long distant future but it strongly appears that Fernando’s racing motivation just won’t hold him back from competing as soon as possible in such a prestigious event. Of course Fernando Alonso deciding to race at Le Mans now means that Fernando is 100% serious about completing the triple crown which in 2006 he completed the first part of at the Monaco Grand Prix for Renault but to me this also means that he is setting the seeds for where he wants to be racing after his brilliant Formula 1 career comes to a close.

alonso-toyota-2017-bahr-941x529 (2)

It will also be interesting to see how Fernando physically and mentally will be able to cope with 4 F1 Grand Prix weekends in 5 weeks with the week away from Formula 1 racing being the 24 hour Le Mans race as of course Fernando isn’t the spring chicken he once used to be. This could offer up a opportunity for young Mclaren reserve and F1 starlet Lando Norris to possibly compete in a couple Formula 1 races to account for possible fatigue problems for Fernando Alonso but i have a strong feeling that Fernando physically and mentally will be just fine. If Fernando Alonso can win Le Mans this year then Fernando will pick up another prestigious award for himself which he would thoroughly deserve, We just have to see what the Spaniard can do once he gets his chance later on in 2018.


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