F1 2018 Pre Season Preview – Why Red Bull Do Not Just Need An Improved Renault Engine For 2018


Red Bull Racing driver, Max Verstappen

In today’s blog I will analyse Red Bulls improvements for 2018 cannot just come from the new 2018 Renault power unit. The main improvement that needs to come from the Red Bull side of things is that they absolutely must have a car that Aerodynamically and Chassis wise is ready to compete and fight for race wins with two fastest teams and cars from 2017; Mercedes and Ferrari. The reason they must improve upon this is because at the start of 2017 Red Bull were firmly stuck as the third fastest car and team in Formula 1 as at races such as the 2017 Australian Grand Prix, The 2017 Russian Grand Prix and the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix, they were easily one and sometimes even one and a half seconds off of the pace. This absolutely cannot happen again for Red Bull especially considering the incredible drivers driving that car being Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo and also considering that Red Bull still do have World Championship aspirations which were severely dented by the 4th Grand Prix of 2017 due to their poor start.


Red Bull Racing driver, Max Verstappen

But the one aspect of the Red Bull car that they absolutely must maintain and continue to improve is the stunning Aerodynamic and Chassis side of the car which once in full working motion is a very hard package to stop. For example if you look back at 2017 despite their car not being as ready for 2017 as Mercedes or Ferrari’s cars were, they still managed to provide good results especially at the highly aerodynamic efficient races such as the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix, The 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix and the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix where they seriously put Mercedes and Ferrari under massive pressure. If they can continue those types of performances at the high aero tracks like they usually do and also improve their car at other circuits then Red Bull may cause a surprise or two in 2018. And with drivers such as Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo anything is possible for Red Bull in 2018.


Red Bull Racing team boss, Christian Horner


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