F1 2018 Car Reveal – Mclaren Renault MCL33 Revealed

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Mclaren Renault MCL33 Car Being Driven By Spanish Mclaren Driver Fernando Alonso

In today’s blog we look at the 2018 Mclaren F1 Car, The MCL33 which will be driven by Mclaren Renault drivers Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne. The two most striking things to take away from the early pictures of the 2018 Mclaren MCL33 is how the rear end of the 2018 cars are most likely gonna look like with what was the shark fin now that part of the car is automatically joined onto the back of the car. It also is interesting to see how the rear of the 2018 Mclaren car is nicely packaged than it was in 2017 which for me is a good sign that Peter Podromu is once doing a good job with the sidepods and bargeboards of the MCL33.  When it comes to the front end of the Mclaren Renault there is definitely a lot more detail on the meaty part of the front wing which is certainly interesting and could prove to be a positive for Mclaren in 2018. And when it comes to the much talked about and controversial Halo, If i am being completely honest it actually doesn’t look too bad to me. But let me know what you think from the pictures of the 2018 Mclaren MCL33.


The Mclaren MCL33 As Driven By Mclaren Renault Belgian Stoffel Vandoorne

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