Classic F1 Seasons – 2010 Part 1 – The Season That Almost Never Happened

Classic F1 Seasons – 2010 Part 1 – The Season That Almost Never Happened

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Welcome today to the first part, part 1 of a mini-series on the channel where I give an in depth 5 part review of the 2010 Formula 1 season. today is part 1 where I will look at the controversy surrounding the introduction of a cost cap in the 2010 rules. Between the months of May 2009 and August 2009 the future of Formula 1 was in serious doubt with teams such as Ferrari, Mclaren, Red Bull and Renault threatening to pull out of F1 and form a new breakaway series, but the real question is; Did they? Find out in this video.
I will also take a look at the dispute and how it resulted in BMW and Toyota leaving the sport all together with 3 new teams entering for 2010.

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