This Week In Formula 1 – Why Eddie Irvine Is RIGHT About Sebastian Vettel + Renault Going Radical!

Welcome to the ninth episode of my series ‘This Week In Formula 1’ for the week of 21/01/19 to 26/01/19 where we will look at the latest news currently in the world of Formula 1.

Eddie Irvine Comments

The main topic I will be looking at will be Ex-Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine’s comments about current Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel and why his criticism is actually (in my opinion) correct.

Renault in 2019

I will also look at the news that Renault for 2019 have gone for a completely new design in their bid to close the gap to Mercedes, Ferrari & Red Bull.

F1 in China and Philippines?

And I will look at the news that Formula 1 would ‘love’ another in China and is actively looking at holding a race in the Philippines. For more info on these stories, check out this video.

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