The New 2019 Mclaren MCL34 F1 Car Revealed + The New 2019 Alfa Romeo F1 Car Revealed!

Welcome to this the sixth video where we look at more ‘reveals’ of 2019 which today is; Mclaren who launch their car after an incredibly bad 2018 they now hope 2019 will finally be the year they make big progress and climb back towards the top + We analyse the new 2019 Alfa Romeo car.

First we will look at Mclaren’s new 2019 car and analyse all of the new aero pieces on the car. Then we will look at the all new livery and give our thoughts on it and rate it out of 10. But what exactly will the new Mclaren car for 2019 have in store for us? To find out make sure to check out this video.

And we will also analyse the all new 2019 Alfa Romeo car that has been tested today by ex-Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen.

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