How To Ruin An F1 Team With Fernando Alonso?

Welcome to a special video where today guys I will be analysing and giving my opinion on a fiery topic as usual.

Today I will analyse after a successful but controversy ridden career; Why Fernando Alonso during his career ruined F1 teams that he drove for.

First off we will take a look at how Alonso in his first stint at Mclaren in 2007 almost self destructed himself and the team in his struggles against Lewis Hamilton during the ‘Spygate’ scandal.

We will then look at how he failed in his time with Ferrari and was ultimately replaced by Sebastian Vettel for 2015.

And then we will look at how he also contributed to the toxic Mclaren/Honda partnership from 2015 until 2017. But in my opinion, just how did Fernando Alonso ruin these F1 teams?

Also big thanks to Crystal Racing for helping with the research for this video.

To find out make sure to tune in and find out what I have to say.

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