Hello everyone and welcome to the Chazzahd website. Since first watching F1 back in 2011 and becoming addicted to the sport, I started to upload Youtube videos analyzing Formula 1. After toiling and getting hardly any views suddenly during February 2017 i seemingly struck gold as my Subscriber base began to grow and kept growing until its current point with over 1,000 Subscribers. The channel essentially specialises in Analysis and Reaction to the current happenings in Formula 1 which i am still surprised went over so well if i am being completely honest.

My target for the end of 2017 was for about 300-500 Subs but amazingly we got over 1,500 Subs by the end of 2017. All the videos and blogs produced are produced from my small bedroom in Cornwall,UK and with the little i have i try to produce the best content possible for all parties. I also have an incredibly knowledgeable and fanatic fan base that continues to grow by the day and now that i have started some collaborations with fellow F1 Youtuber ”The F1 Word” i really do now feel apart of the community i was desperate to be apart of.